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I'm Barbara, a Graphic andmotion designer.

I'm Barbara, a Graphic andmotion designer.

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Patrizia Pino is a lawyer based in Caltagirone. She began her studies at the Liceo Classico "Bonaventura Secusio" in Caltagirone, after which she went on to graduate from the University of Catania, where she studied law



Sisilì is a family business based in Sicily that produces oils, herbs, condiments and more. My visual identity project aims to enhance the colors of the products and the hues of the landscape with an eye towards the concept of tradition



Memà is a bistro located in the historical centre of Caltagirone. A place whose guests can enjoy a delicious dinner prepared with fresh ingredients while sipping a drink as they relax in a modern, welcoming and tastefully furnished environment

Branding / Web


GoSherpy is a new app that allows you to set aside your savings in order to achieve your goals. The project intends to explain how to use the application in a playful way



OpenApp has developed a revolutionary system for every door and access point in warehouses, industrial facilities, telecom towers, vans, homes and hospitals

Patrizia Pino - Barbara Scerbo
Sisili - Barbara Scerbo
Mema Caltagirone - Barbara Scerbo
GoSherpy - Barbara Scerbo
OpenApp - Barbara Scerbo
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